[NTLK] Transfer of notes with drawings to Mac/BootCamp - possible...?

Berthe M. Willumsen bmw at bio.ku.dk
Mon Dec 28 16:10:01 EST 2009

Hi list - I wonder if anyone has suggesions:
- Over the years, I have made many notes on the Newt containing 
drawings. The bathroom in the summer cotttage, with dimensions, for 
fitting this-and-that. Some writing, never converted to text. 
Directions to a friend's house....
Is there a way I can transfer these in a displayable form to my (Snow 
Leopard) MacBookPro? Years back, MacJournals' Dan Schimpf hinted that 
picture transfer might be comming up, but I don't think it ever 
materialized. I do have all text from my text-notes in his MacJournal 
2.6.1 - teriffic, but I'm missing the notes with drawings....
Any suggestions? Did I miss something?
Denmark, MP2100

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