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Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 16:49:49 EST

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> So, iTunes is basically an evolution of SoundJam. Even the original
> developers at the time went to work for Apple...

Exactly. Well, almost exactly. It's actually a devolution. They disabled
a number of features, including features like being able to broadcast
straight out of SoundJam onto the internet. I've never seen a reason given
for why Apple decided to take a blazingly brilliant program and cripple it
until it was only a pale shadow of its former self. Because they had the
developers and owned the program, they could just as easily have updated
SoundJam to be at least as brilliant on OSX if not better.

It reminds me of what happened to a certain piece of revolutionary hardware
in the '90s. Apple could have been kept it in development; if they had,
we'd now have the handheld computer to make those new-fangled net-computers
look like yesterday's cheap toys, and the iPhone look like a rough
prototype. Instead, they cancelled it and took almost 10 years to give us a
few scrag-ends of what might have been.


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