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From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Sat Feb 07 2009 - 11:46:40 EST

~~~ On 2009/02/07 07:25, L.W. Brown at wrote ~~~

> Sorry for the self-reply, but at
> <>
> it says:
> "Q: Is Phantom an object-oriented OS?
> "A: Yes. Basically you can speak about Phantom as a huge pool of fine-
> grained objects."
> and more very interesting...
> On 7. Feb., 2009, at 02:17 AM, L.W. Brown wrote:
>> ...somehow reminds me of soups (but then i know naught about what i
>> know not):

This is interesting, isn't it? And like you it reminds me of soups somewhat
-- and I too must plead ignorance of even my ignorance.

I have a question arising from your second link (and from my own ignorance
of the technicality here). In the questions I found
"Q: File system?

"A: Nope. Sorry. Nobody needs files in Phantom. All the operating system
state is saved across shutdowns. Phantom is the only global persistent OS in
the world, AFAIK. All the state of all the objects is saved. Even power
failure is not a problem, because of the unique Phantomıs ability to store
frequently its complete state on the disk."

My question is, is it true that Phantom is the only global persistent OS?
From my simplistic view of things, that's how I'd describe NOS 2.1, but I
suppose that either this is a technical term describing a condition which
NOS doesn't (quite) meet or else that the writer of that FAQ wasn't aware of
the Newton.

On the whole, I'd really like to know a lot more about this OS, including
its shortcomings of course.


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