[NTLK] using dial up internet with eMate

From: Russell,Allen <Allen.Russell_at_linde.com>
Date: Wed Feb 11 2009 - 15:20:15 EST


Yes, and no.

I assume you are talking about the old external (cigarette pack) modem.
It'll work with any Newton. But not many ISPs these day allow a
connection at 2400 bps. Most reject it. And that's the fastest speed
at which the external modem can communicate.


>Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 06:47:20 -0800 (PST)

>From: jayman6988 <jayman6988@yahoo.com>

>Subject: [NTLK] using dial up internet with eMate

>So, my question --

>I still have the newton fax/modem from my old eMate. Can I use the
modem and a dial up Internet

>service to email myself text files? I know the fax/modem works, because
I used it to

>successfully fax stories into my old newspaper. I am just interested in
the cheapest and easyest

>way to get text data from the eMate into a Windows XP laptop.

>Any help would be appreciated.


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