[NTLK] 2010 time/date bug

From: BobR <newttalk_at_old-sock.co.uk>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 19:57:48 EST

Did some tests today with a few Newts to see what happens when setting the
date at and beyond the 2010 rollover.

Results so far:

OMP (or is it an MP100) v1.05.
No problem detected. Using the NTK-Inspector, the TimeInSeconds() function
returns negative integers, so potentially a bug is there. But the newt was
happy to have its date set to e.g. 2020. No data lost. Rollover was 8 Jan
2010, 4.57pm. Maybe the OS date-code is using Time() which returns the time
in minutes from 1904. That might explain why the hands on the little clock
in the button-bar move in big steps.

120 OS v1.3 (444217).
No problem detected. Rollover was 5 Jan 2010, 6.48pm. Happy with a date of
2020. Inspector shows negative seconds past the rollover.

Upgraded 120 OS v2.0 (515264).
When set to run through the rollover, it returned gracefully to 1995. When
set at or beyond the rollover, it kept hanging. After a reset it would hang.
Eventually it returned to 1995 after several resets and by tapping the
screen lower-left. Rollover is 5 Jan 2010, 6:48pm. No data lost.

130 OS v2.0 (525314).
Hangs when set at, or after, the rollover. After a reset it would appear to
hang. But it was possible to tap the extras button and get a normal screen.
All the Apps were frozen. Some inbuilt Apps still worked e.g. Dates. And it
is possible to see the date and time incrementing normally beyond the
Impossible to turn off. So removed power, removed coin-cell for a few
minutes, then re-installed. Newt returns to 1995, and functions normally.
No data lost. Repeated all these tests several times.

emate OS v2.1 (737246)
Setting the date past 2010 made the eMate return gracefully to 1995.
No data lost.

These tests were quick and not exhaustive. Your mileage may vary.

I have an MP2k but the data is not backed-up and I did no experiments.

A post by Andrei Chichak in the archive (search-term: 2010) gives the finer
details about the rollover date, and some Inspector code.

Regards to all,


(Apologies if this post turns up twice - I got disconnected at a crucial

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