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From: RAParker <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2009 - 17:17:54 EST

----- Original Message From: Ryan Vetter ----
> Still getting the not enough memory
> to complete the task message when
> trying to receive mail with Mail V
> in In/Out Box.
> I ensured that all new packages and
> files go to the PC Card, and that in
> the In/Out Prefs new files are not
> set to be stored internally.

Storage-wise, I'd say you're OK.

There seems to be something else causing you a problem.


Looking at the video, you don't appear to be getting past the launching
of Mail V (and) the connecting to the internet stage. Mail V is not getting to part where I would expect to see a "Connecting to pop.server" message ... let alone, getting to the point where Mail V is actually accessing your yahoo inbox and giving you "Receiving X of Y" messages.

> Now, I uninstalled Mail V, and
> loaded Simple Mail,
> but I left all the other Mail
> V add ons installed on the PC Card.

I'm very sure, if you want to access POP, you will need to be using Mail V. Unload Simple Mail, completely. Work with Mail V, do not mix the apps/extensions with different versions of Simple Mail & Mail V. I can't imagine that this going to help and I'm guessing it will cause you problems. Get rid of Simple Mail and install Mail V properly.

Once Mail V is installed, clean up your owner prefs. Delete any Simple Mail AND Mail V related settings and then add new ones. Just to make sure the Mail V settings are what Mail V expects and nothing is lingering from Simple Mail.

For the longest time, I had a problem with Mail V when sending long plain-text messages. Short messages were just fine. Long messages would hang, unsent. It was not a "Memory" problem, per se ... Mail V simply wouldn't close the connection and say bye-bye to the server ... hanging on to the connection at the end, leaving the message unsent.

About 6 months ago, I did a full brain wipe and then I restored everything EXCEPT owner & system settings/prefs. I manually entered all my owner & system prefs from fresh. In reality, I was trying to fix NetTime (not setting the clock via the internet)... but doing the brain wipe and re-entering my prefs fixed all my Mail V problems. I still cannot set the time, though. (Used to be able to) ... I digress.

What I'm saying is, Mail V may be sensitive to non-clean installs. I haven't had any more "Mail V Hangs When Sending" problems, since.

> I can send mail, but nothing happens
> when I try and receive mail.

The fact that you can send is a good thing. It means you're connecting to the internet and Mail V _IS_ communicating (across the access point, past the router, through the firewalls, etc) to a server outside your internal network.

> shuts down with no error message and
> no emails. I have unread mail from today
> in there, and it is set to download
> mail with a rule to ignore anything older
> than 1 day.
> So Simple Mail does not give me the
> memory errors that Mail V does.
> Interestingly, Simple Mail will
> give me an error if the outgoing mail
> server's address is not affixed with
> a port number (i.e.

I'm going to say, "Do not use any port setting."

With ATT DSL (formerly SBC DSL), they want me to use and an SSL connection (POP on port :995 and SMTP on port :465). These (SSL ports) are NOT compatible with the Newton. So, I still use the old servers, and

For a year or two, Yahoo would warn me to switch to this "secure" server, with an email (sent to me) every time I connected to the "insecure" server. Those warning messages have now stopped (just a couple weeks ago). But, the "insecure" servers still work.

Your Newton won't be able to connect to an SSL email server AND your Newton should produce a "Connection Error" (not a Memory error)... like the error I've seen in your video.

I tested earlier it by changing my servers to :995 and (as expected) this produces a "Connection Error". So... remove the :995 or :466 or any port addition to your server definition.

Now to the nitty-gritty: I'm going to go out on a limb and send you another email (privately). This email will give you information on how to access a sub-account (one I have just created for you) on the U.S. side of the Yahoo border. You should be able use this login to test your Newton with my US email servers. Give it a try, just for kicks.

> Server error "-ERR popgate unknown command".

> So I have just left the port number in there
> in pop settings in owner info,

This looks like a reply to a POP command from a server that doesn't recognize POP commands. Remove any ports from your POP server.

Look for my next email... I've CC'd this one too, it's waiting for you.


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