Re: [NTLK] Fitaly keyboard is free CORRECTION

From: Tony Kan <>
Date: Sat May 02 2009 - 03:23:32 EDT

Interestingly, the Fitaly keyboard worked without expiring for months (since
before Christmas). When I tried to register with the newly acquired
registration number, the application displayed an alert window saying I needed
NewtonID. Immediately after installing NewtonID, Fitaly then said that the
trial period had expired. After the registration number was entered the
application was unlocked.

So, the upshot is, if new registrations become unobtainable, it maybe possible
that users can continue to use Fitaly as long as they don't have NewtonID
installed and unfrozen.



Per Tony Kan, I sent an email to <> with my Newton Owner
name more than 24 hours ago and I've not received a reply. So it would
appear that the "it will be awhile" assessment is correct. Then again, this
is a matter of getting something "for free" it is expected that we need to
exercise a little patience.

--James Wages

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