Re: [NTLK] Safari Pad - Apple's Tablet Computer

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Wed May 06 2009 - 16:32:31 EDT

I've been a newton user for about eight years, and as much as I like
it I will move on when another device meets my needs better.
This looks very exciting as a reader especially for Textbooks
"With the first batch of Kindle-formatted textbooks on the way,
Arizona State University, Case Western Reserve University, Princeton
University, Reed College, and Darden School of Business at the
University of Virginia have each announce plans to launch trial
programs that will make Kindle DX devices available to students this

Next give me the Calendar and Address book integration of the Newt and
a convenient way to enter data, That keypad does not look usable while
holding it.


On May 6, 2009, at 1:02 PM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> Are we getting there?
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