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From: D. R. <>
Date: Wed May 06 2009 - 14:33:02 EDT

I echo Greg's comment below. Got my first Newton (used 100) in '95 and went from that to a 110, then 130, finally a MP2000. Since then I've owned (3) MP2000's, an eMate, various accessories (Orinoco Silver card, x-jack modems, dongles, etc) software, and a MP2100 (still functioning and in good shape).


I think Apple was way ahead of it's time with the Newton (I'm sure all of agree), and I fell in love with everything about it. Like Greg, I still power it up, use it occassionally, but mostly remember the glory days and all the fun I had with it.


I particularly like seeing the advances made (still) for the platform. I have YET to make mine an NPDS server (to me, the ultimately coolest use for the Newton)....I still hope to, if I ever get around it. The latest WiFi capability is good news.


I'm the owner of the Newtonium 62 Messagepad Nanospace page on Geocities: The page is WELL dated, but I'll always have a fondness for the Newton. I have a few items for sale, pics are on my Flickr page:


Some items are now gone via two previous sales on this list. If you see anything u may like, let me know...I'll check to see if I still have the item (only items not for sale are the MP2100, aluminum styli and the Orinoco card).


This mailing list has a ton of great folks on it, it always has.


Keep the green!


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> Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 10:22:55 -0500
> From: "Goodwin, Greg P." <>
> " i'll unsubscribe at the end of the day victor/grant, using the proper
> procedures... ;-)"
> Well, seriously, I haven't used my Newton (though they stay charged) for
> probably a good two or three years now. Fun to tinker with from time
> to time though.
> I stay on the list because the people here are kinda neat, and the stuff
> they talk about from time to time are fun. More Newton-like gadgets in
> the news, other tech news, the conversation is at least entertaining.
> Stick around and hang out, fellow Newton veteran.
> Doc Clu
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> Subject: [NTLK] later...
> NEVER BYE...always later...
> hello to those that know me and howdy to those that dont. i know its
> been a while since i spoke. i just wanted to say thank you to all those
> i have met and spoken to in my journey with my big green brick. i have
> been using my new HTC Mogul (sprint) for the last year as my cell and
> pda and have been quite happy. it does all i wish my newton was able to
> do. i dont use my newton as much but i am not letting it go either.
> but i figured since i have over 25k emails sittin in my box...maybe i
> should unsubscribe for now. feel free to contact me at my address if
> anyone needs a pc/newton guy or a newton /ny guy always a pleasure to
> assist if needed. just put the word newton in the subject to get my
> attention if u email me
> good luck to the newbies just getting their first green brick and keep
> the backlites on to the old heads still in here....
> later....
> i'll unsubscribe at the end of the day victor/grant, using the proper
> procedures... ;-)
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