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From: MR GREEN <lagoff11_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 10:32:15 EDT

NEVER BYE...always later...
hello to those that know me and howdy to those that dont. i know its been a while since i spoke. i just wanted to say thank you to all those i have met and spoken to in my journey with my big green brick. i have been using my new HTC Mogul (sprint) for the last year as my cell and pda and have been quite happy. it does all i wish my newton was able to do. i dont use my newton as much but i am not letting it go either. but i figured since i have over 25k emails sittin in my box...maybe i should unsubscribe for now. feel free to contact me at my address if anyone needs a pc/newton guy or a newton /ny guy always a pleasure to assist if needed. just put the word newton in the subject to get my attention if u email me


good luck to the newbies just getting their first green brick and keep the backlites on to the old heads still in here....



i'll unsubscribe at the end of the day victor/grant, using the proper procedures... ;-)


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