Re: [NTLK] Full eProbe Software?

From: SteveCraft <>
Date: Thu May 07 2009 - 21:14:58 EDT

Well, I got a response today. Putting this in email so when "future
generations" web-search for this stuff, the info will be available.

From : David Vernier
To : Steve@
Subject : Re: eMate eProbe Software Request


First, some disclaimers: We never wrote any software for the eMate. There
was a different company that did, without ever talking with us (so they did
a lot of things wrong) and then they went out of business and left their
customers with no support. We got permission from them to offer the attached
download. I have no idea if it will even work.

About the Serial Box Interface: We still support it. All the sensors you
have on your list, except:
PASOC Force Sensor
Student Force Sensor
Biology Gas Pressure
are still available and on our web site. Prices are at .

Since the eMate software only collects data at a rate of 4 points per
second, the use of:
25-g Accelerometer
Low-g Accelerometer
would be impractical.

Do not buy these probes expecting to use them with the eMate and Serial Box
Interfaces until you make sure the eMate software will work. I do not
recommend using that software and I cannot support it. I do not even know
how to get it running.

Dave Vernier

David L. Vernier
Vernier Software & Technology
13979 S.W. Millikan Way
Beaverton, Oregon 97005-2886
phone: 503-277-2299 fax: 503-277-2440

>>> "Steve" <> 5/6/2009 9:01 AM >>>


Also, could you let me know what probe/interfaces you still carry for use
with the software and serial box? I have the box, and understand that the
following probes will work, but I need to know about what you still carry,
and the respective prices.

I found from some old literature that the following were supported with the
eProbe/serial box:

25-g Accelerometer
Low-g Accelerometer
Current Probe
Dissolved Oxygen
Relative Humidity
PASOC Force Sensor
Student Force Sensor
Light Sensor
Biology Gas Pressure
Respiration Monitor Belt
Direct-Connect Temperature
Standard Temperature
Voltage Measurement Leads
Voltage Probe
pH System


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Subject: RE: [NTLK] Full eProbe Software?

Thanks, I did contact them already, didn't get a response, and figured I'd
ask here. I have a low expectation that Vernier will
"snap to" for a request for something free for something discontinued for
something discontinued - rightly so, they have to make money. No problem.
But I want that (full) software and instructions, I have some kids to
impress. :)


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