[NTLK] New MP130, no sound

From: Alex Wenzel <aw.ntlk_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Sat May 09 2009 - 12:22:41 EDT

My "new" (came sealed in the original box) MP130 arrived yesterday.
While it wouldn't turn on at first, I got it working with a new backup
However, there is no sound at all. I checked the sound settings, but
found nothing there. Volume is set to a rather high level. I did
several soft resets, but to no avail.

Given that the device is unused and was protected inside the original
box, I'm amazed that sound isn't working.
Any hint how I should proceed now? Anything I can do short of taking
the Newton apart?

In case I need to do a hard reset: Do I need the AC adapter for that?
I don't have one, so I'll probably have to get a generic AC adapter.
Could someone tell me which voltage and polarity the MP130 needs?
Which other requirements must such an adapter match?

One other question regarding AC adapters: When I want to plug in the
AC adapter, do I have to remove the batteries if they're
non-rechargeable alcaline batteries? I'm asking this because I'm
afraid the Newton will damage non-rechargeables by trying to charge

Because I might have to disassemble the device: Can anyone point me to
a good take-apart manual/tutorial (preferrably with images)?
I found one for a MP120 (http://www.pda-soft.de/120_disassemble.html),
but either there are some subtle differences or it's not completely
accurate. Example: It says that one should simply pull out the flip
cover. But when I look at my device, there are two small screws at the
hinges so that the hinges look prone to break when the lid is pulled.

One last question, completely unrelated: At the bottom of the case
there is something that looks like two contacts next to one of the
front rubber feet. What are those for?

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