Re: [NTLK] Speech Recognition

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 21:25:07 EDT


--- On Tue, 5/19/09, Ryan Vetter <> wrote:

> I agree on the "voice strain"... I just need to
> be able to vacillate between speech, keyboard and stylus
> input, because I now have constant tendinitis in my hands,
> so I can't rely on them 100% anymore.

Does using a stylus help alleviate pain as opposed to using a keyboard? Or does the use of a stylus still cause pain for tendinitus sufferers, but pain of a *different* type than that caused by constant keyboard use?

I guess I'm wondering how much relief that folks who are used to pounding away on a keyboard for extended periods might hope to find by switching to a stylus for their input needs.


James Fraser

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