Re: [NTLK] Speech Recognition

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Tue May 19 2009 - 23:24:40 EDT

Yes it helps, because my wrists are not as hyperextended when inputting with a stylus, and it is this hyperextension at the wrist that has caused my tendinitis, despite my hands and posture being correct.

In addition, our wrists/hands do not move that much when we type, which further exacerbates the problem by straining the smaller muscle groups in those areas. So switching it up is good...

And speech is great. I am now writing my blog through speech, and controlling my Mac (when in quiet environments) through speech. With the advent of OS X, speech advanced significantly from the Mac Classic days by being able to action menu items both in programs and in the Finder.

Today I felt like Harrison Ford (Rick Deckard) on Bladerunner giving my computer instructions... and aside from speech to text, the most powerful thing about it is being able to make custom commands so saying one thing can initiate a series of actions on the computer (i.e. an Applescript or Automator script).

The huge downside though is that a quiet environment is a must which many times makes it impractical... microphones need to advance a lot more for speech to be more practical...

Then I think... invest in microphone companies... they will probably be the next big thing as speech becomes ubiquitous.

Relevant article on the matter:


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--- On Tue, 5/19/09, Ryan Vetter <> wrote:

> I agree on the "voice strain"... I just need to
> be able to vacillate between speech, keyboard and stylus
> input, because I now have constant tendinitis in my hands,
> so I can't rely on them 100% anymore.

Does using a stylus help alleviate pain as opposed to using a keyboard? Or does the use of a stylus still cause pain for tendinitus sufferers, but pain of a *different* type than that caused by constant keyboard use?

I guess I'm wondering how much relief that folks who are used to pounding away on a keyboard for extended periods might hope to find by switching to a stylus for their input needs.


James Fraser

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