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From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 10:26:06 EDT


That's actually me, my pen name....

Speech recognition is faster than typing! Much faster, for the most part.

While you have to pronounce each word, and not mumble, you can speak quickly and it will pick everything up. Dragon Naturally Speaking has become very good and very fast over the years. Now that there is a 'version' of DNS available for the Mac, in the form of MacSpeech Dictate, a user can have this functionality on the Mac too.

I love it. As a test, I dictated two paragraphs from a book as fast as I could (hardly took a breath), and it only made a four mistakes. And I can dictate into any application or field.

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--- On Tue, 5/19/09, Ryan Vetter <> wrote:

> The huge downside though is that a quiet environment is a
> must which many times makes it impractical... microphones
> need to advance a lot more for speech to be more
> practical...

Is there a words-per-minute limitation as well? I'm wondering how fast today's speech recognition compares to keying in text (I'm guessing that, under optimum conditions, it's roughly one-third to one-half as fast).

I know that a few years ago, using voice recognition meant that you had to pause.....between......words. Which made voice recognition still somewhat slow as compared to conversation-speed speech (let alone us Torchy Blane types). Is this still the case? Or has voice recognition software progressed to the point where someone using it now sounds as though they're conversing normally (albeit one-sidedly)?

The article you linked to talks about improvements in speech recognition, but I'm afraid the author discusses those improvements almost entirely in qualitative terms.


James Fraser

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