Re: [NTLK] [OT] Speech Recognition & wrist stress

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 00:17:54 EDT

I use MSD - it is actually more conducive (to me) of coherent writing
to let the thoughts flow first, speaking as if to an audience, and
only much later going back for clean up. Sure, there are some silly
mistakes, but I am not tempted to fix them while I draft, as happens
all the time while I type (fixing typos, editing, etc.), interrupting
my train of thought & "creative flow" (please - no jokes about verbal

For wrist stress, consider the AlphaGrip - they need a bit of do-it-
yourself customizing to work best, and in Macs you can only switch the
key layout by changing keyboards, but it is very useful once you've
set it up. In fact, by making a custom keyboard, you can do even
better than Dvorak: AOEUI in the left home row (DHTNS in the right) is
not exactly reflective of English letter-frequency, even if much
better than QUERTY...

On 20. May.,`09, at 10:26 EDT, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> Speech recognition is faster than typing! Much faster, for the most
> part.
> While you have to pronounce each word, and not mumble, you can speak
> quickly and it will pick everything up. Dragon Naturally Speaking
> has become very good and very fast over the years. Now that there
> is a 'version' of DNS available for the Mac, in the form of
> MacSpeech Dictate,

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