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Social anthropologists and linguists note: The rare and endangered species
called the North Island New Zealander have also acquired the disturbing habit of
adding "eh" or "ay" to the ends of the exclamations. This behaviour has
attracted the unwelcome attention of the predatious dictionary-bearing POM.
Since the advent of the POM, sightings of the North Island New Zealander have
fallen significantly.



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I guess I do Mike!

I think that there should either be a short or some scene in a film equivalent
to the scene in Donnie Brasco where Depp explains what "forget about it" means:
except it would be in association with "eh".

Usage of "eh" as a Canadianism:

1. The question:
How's it goin', eh?

2. The statement made into a question:
That's a big tree, eh?

3. Appreciation:
Thanks, eh!

4. Greetings:

5. Interjection to confirm the attentiveness of the listener:
10 more hours to the camp ground, eh, so just have a few more beers and relax.

6. Expression of excited agreement
For sure, eh!!!

Then there's the "about" vs. "aboot" thing...

Spot the usage!


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