[NTLK] OT: Downgrade OS 9.2.1 - OS 9.1

From: Ryan Vetter <physicalconstants_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Sat May 23 2009 - 16:46:33 EDT

Looked everywhere on this, still struggling to find an answer.

I have a PowerBook 2400c, won't boot into anything over OS 9.1. I have installed onto a hard drive OS 9.2.1 and now I have just learned it is not compatible with pre-G3 machines. I get an error message when trying to boot into OS 9.2.1 on the 2400c that the system is not supported, and it is overlayed the OS 9.2 Boot Window.

Since I only have a full, retail OS 9.2.1 install CD, and nothing earlier, I am looking for a way to downgrade it to OS 9.1. I tried to just install the 9.1 update overtop the 9.2.1 system, but it will only install it overtop OS 9.0-9.0.4.

By the way, and this is just for information, OS 9.2.1 is installed on a CF card. I boot my older machines with Systems installed on CF Cards: they are inserted into the PowerBooks via a PCMCIA/CF Card adapter. They all work great, and this is in no way a cause of the problem.

I also realize that getting OS 9.0 or OS 9.0.4 or OS 9.1 full retail is also a solution, but I don't have one of those installers at present.

So does anyone know how to downgrade OS 9.2.1 - OS 9.1 when one only has (1) Full OS 9.2.1 retail install CD (2) OS 9.1 Update Installer???



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