Re: [NTLK] Does anyone still use QuickFigure Pro?

From: Mike Rodgers <>
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 20:08:52 EDT

I am plugged directly into the 9-pin serial port. My modem is evidently
com1 and the serial port is com2. I placed mnp and mnp32.dll and
qfx.xla into the addins folder. I do not know if the other files are
Windows or Apple/Pelicanware (Newton) files. Pelicanware is no longer
around to ask.

Tony Kan wrote:
> If you're missing some files, I wonder if just zipping up the files and sending
> them to you might work? Unfortunately I don't know if any of them rely on any
> registry entries to work.
> HT

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