Re: [NTLK] Graphics to MacOS X serially?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 19:29:49 EDT

Hi David

I use a PC so can't offer much help. It's a shame you can't access the
internet. Have you tried a very basic dial-up set up?
I use this sometimes and for this use a Newton fax modem and it works
flawlessly with Mailv. Although I have to plug it into the phone line
for a few minutes.

In terms of serial connections:
Have you tried X-port? It would be a worthy option is you have an older
mac os to load it onto.
This will export sketches done in Notes or NewtonWorks (Paper- not
drawing) as rft.The quality is not great and some of the greyscale seems
to get lost?
It also takes screenshots which can be exported to your mac as .pict files.
If you have NewtPaint and Xport you can export sketches done in
Newtpaint directly as pict files.

By far the greatest quality through is by using the GIF option of Mailv.
Although I have exerienced limitations on file sizes when it comes to

Other options are using the NCU export functions but these will only do
stetches done on a Note or Newtonworks. Parts of sketches done in
HexPaint for example don't export.Again this would require you to be
able to install NCU.

Hope you get it solved, it would also be great to have some other

All the best


David Neale wrote:
> Given my inordinate failure to connect to the Internet with either of
> my MP2100s (I've been trying since February -- see NewtonTalk thread
> about the subject then), I wonder if it is possible to send more than
> plain text through a serial connection. I'd like to contribute to
> Andy's Newtonart blog but need to get
> sketches from the MP2100s to one of my Macs, in order to be able to
> upload them.

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