Re: [NTLK] Graphics to MacOS X serially?

From: David Neale <>
Date: Fri May 29 2009 - 05:10:27 EDT


Thank you for your reply.

Still no joy with the WiFi Internet connection, although progress has
certainly been made: I am sure that a connection is now attempted
through the Airport. Unfortunately, my ISP's smt address is now
causing difficulties. I have tried several numerical addresses, in
addition to the "normal", but all fail to be recognised.

Anyway, X-port I've never heard of, but will try to locate it. The
oldest MacOS I now have is Tiger, so I fear the worst! When I was in
Belgium I used to mail drawings from the MP2100s to my iMac with Mail
V, but that option is just the one giving problems here in Spain, of

It's a pity that NCX isn't capable of getting hold of drawings, isn't
it? It's otherwise such a good and useful piece of software. I'm not
too keen on the cable connection, of course, but one day I'll get Mail
V Working again and will finally be able to upload one or two sketches
-- nothing wonderful, as I am in no way an artist, but a contribution,
at least.


On 29 May 2009, at 01:29, Andy Hill wrote:

> Hi David
> I use a PC so can't offer much help. It's a shame you can't access the
> internet. Have you tried a very basic dial-up set up?
> I use this sometimes and for this use a Newton fax modem and it works
> flawlessly with Mailv. Although I have to plug it into the phone line
> for a few minutes.
> In terms of serial connections:
> Have you tried X-port? It would be a worthy option is you have an
> older
> mac os to load it onto.
> This will export sketches done in Notes or NewtonWorks (Paper- not
> drawing) as rft.The quality is not great and some of the greyscale
> seems
> to get lost?
> It also takes screenshots which can be exported to your mac as .pict
> files.
> If you have NewtPaint and Xport you can export sketches done in
> Newtpaint directly as pict files.
> By far the greatest quality through is by using the GIF option of
> Mailv.
> Although I have exerienced limitations on file sizes when it comes to
> sketches.
> Other options are using the NCU export functions but these will only
> do
> stetches done on a Note or Newtonworks. Parts of sketches done in
> HexPaint for example don't export.Again this would require you to be
> able to install NCU.
> Hope you get it solved, it would also be great to have some other
> contributions.
> All the best
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