Re: [NTLK] Graphics to MacOS X serially?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat May 30 2009 - 17:00:42 EDT

Please excuse me if you already know the following:

It looks like you are getting near the problem. You seem to have the
main packages installed but there are others you need.
See below.

You *don't* need to load ISP presets. You *only* need to use Generic set
Choosing generic will allow you, on the next tap, to choose either
Ethernet (for ethernet / wireless cards) or Modem for dial up.
Then you tap in your ISP details.

I believe you are seeking to connect wirelessly. Therefore have you
installed the ethernet packages?
You should have installed *all *of the following:
Fallon Enet
Hiroshi's 802.11bWaveLan (if you want to use wireless).

For dial up you would also need the NIE Modem and Serial package.

Once you have set up your internet setup, you can then choose this in
the Owner Info.
This coupled with your mail settings should be all you need.

Hope this helps.


David Neale wrote:
> Following on from my previous message, I've looked through the NIE
> guide and I seem to be missing something on my MP2100: when I tap on
> New in Internet Setup, I do not see any ISP presets, only Generic
> Setup, SecurID, and UNIX.
> The packages I have installed for NIE are: Internet Setup, Newton
> Devices, Newton Internet, NIE Ethernet and NIE Patch.
> Any idea what I'm missing in order to be able to define an ISP?
> David
> On 30 May 2009, at 10:32, Andy Hill wrote:
>> Hi David
>> Out of curiosity, can you receive mail?
>> Or is it that you can't recieve or send?
>> Andy
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