Re: [NTLK] [OT] Canadian minstrels

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Sun May 31 2009 - 19:08:13 EDT


--- On Sat, 5/30/09, Abraham Limpo <> wrote:

> I'm sorry for the very much OffTopic here, but this is the only list I'm
> subscribed in wich I can get in touch with canadians :D

You know, whenever I see one of these OT threads, vigorous head-shaking and tut-tutting ensue. "Jeez, what a waste of bandwidth!" I think, "The nerve of some people."

Then, somehow, invariably, about a week goes by and something happens to trigger a thought process in my alleged mind and.......I find myself feverishly scrambling to find the posts from that perfectly dreadful OT thread because, well, their usefulness and importance have suddenly become apparent. :)

Funny how that works. Of course, since I'm the only hopeless dork on the list, I expect the rest of you have no idea what I talking about. And that's okay. I suppose I mention it in a lame attempt to assuage any guilt that is/might be felt by anyone starting an OT thread. Because other people on the list might find them to be useful and important, too.* Maybe. I just don't know. [shrugs]

Anyway, after seeing this thread, I managed to discover the title of a sea shanty that's been haunting me for years ("Paddy Lay Back" if you must know.) I was just about ready to start auctioning off relatives or something in an effort to discover the name when that proved unnecessary (Not to say that I don't have any relatives available at knock-down prices for those who might be interested).

So...many thanks to the list for another OT thread that's proved to be hugely beneficial (if your mind works like mine does, anyhow).


James Fraser

*Subject (at least somewhat) to the restraints of good taste and decorum, of course.

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