[NTLK] dreaming

Peter Andrews pandrew3 at bigpond.net.au
Wed Nov 4 17:57:12 EST 2009

HI all


I sit here looking at my newtons (all 3) with their fresh batteries or
recharges packs.  I am sadden by the missed opportunities that could have
been an even better iPhone.  To my knowledge NO smart phone has the
handwriting recognition, cut and paste and other attributes that is the


Next to them is my Palm Treo. I would love to have the Newton handwriting
recognition in that system. Perhaps with the new Pre with its Linux OS may
challenge the Newton finally.


I take my Newton with me still.  It is my reliable fallback after 10 years
and still exceeds today's stuff in some areas.  OK, the display is not as
vibrant, and the memory capacity is lacking, but it can still hold its own
for predictive actions.  NO Smartphone can give me a meeting slip simply by
writing "lunch" or "meeting" on the screen.  And no system today has the
dramatic erase action of the Newton.


People today are still amazed at the competence of the 10 year old +


Peter Andrews





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