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> I remember Firesign Theater! "We're All Bozo's on this Bus". And I still
> have, at least once per week, diced Spam and scrambled eggs. I will eat it
> raw out of the can too, with some cheese and pita bread.
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Amazing!  So now I find not only other people who like Spam (it seems
fashionable to deny ever liking it just now, at least here in the UK) but
people who also had/have it diced in scrambled eggs, who still choose to eat
it, who still do different things with it.  I suddenly don't feel so alone.

And then to see that some of those folks also have fond memories of Firesign

And then to realize that they're fellow-Newton users.

I know it's all meaningless coincidence, but it's made me smile, and this is
Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursdays.


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