[NTLK] Convert Mobipocket eBook to Newton eBook format ?

mkow1234 at aol.com mkow1234 at aol.com
Sun Nov 8 09:56:49 EST 2009

Greetings Newtonfolk:

I was a big fan of the former "Avantgo" service, which allowed PDA 
users (i.e. Pocket PC and Palm platforms) to download daily news 
content to their home PCs and then get the content on to their PDAs 
through MS ActiveSync. This was great for those folks who did not have 
an expensive monthly wireless internet data plan.

I now convert daily news sites to MobiPocket eBooks -- It's pretty much 
the same experience, in that I can carry a whole slew of news articles 
to read OFF-LINE during the day. In a (near) perfect world, I should be 
able to convert the MobiPocket eBooks into a Newtonized form. I'm NOT 
asking to convert anything proprietary -- I just want to be able to 
convert the free news eBooks into Newton form. How about it, all you 
developers out there? Any ideas on this?

Here is a link to the Mobipocket eNews website:


Thanks for your consideration.

Detroit, Michigan USA

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