[NTLK] MP 2100 connection options

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Tue Nov 17 01:55:38 EST 2009

It is true that this has been a problem for  many.  Connectivity to your mac/pc is most important.  Ethernet connection to the mac is posible via Simon Bell's NCX.  
You will need to get the drivers installed.  I or others can loan you a flash card with needed drivers.
If you are using a pc get the cable from jksales.

This will still not get the keyboard connected,  But this is less important.  I bought the SER 001 for my keyboard but with handwriting rec. I don't use it.


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6.  Ethernet (wireless or wired).  People seem to have good success here, but I've only seen it used to access the internet on the Newton.  Can a Newton Connection Utility transfer be utilized over ethernet?  The only caveat is that it appears drivers need to be loaded before it works, which presents a chicken or the egg scenario.  Plus, I can't use this method to communicate with the keyboard.  Compatible ethernet cards do appear to be cheap and plentiful.

    Have I missed something obvious?  Are there other cheaper sources for the SER-001 board, for example?  Or perhaps a vendor for the interconnect dongle?

    Any advice is appreciated.  Cheers.


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