[NTLK] Slow Newt - any ideas?

Brett Feinblatt bafein at mac.com
Sun Nov 22 15:46:37 EST 2009

I'm hoping someone here can help me out on this.

I've got a 2000, upgraded to 2100, with a 32 mb flashcard, 10 mb  
free. 300K free on the internal store.

I've noticed a bit of a decline in the efficiency of my Newt in the  
past few years - it was taking longer and longer to complete simple  
tasks like converting handwriting to text, or letting me add an entry  
to PocketMoney or MPG.

I've got a few utilities on it, so I ran Nick's TestIt. I ran speed  
tests on the Internal store and on the flash card. The test takes  
about 12 seconds on a MP2000, and that's the result I get testing the  
flash card - 12.4 sec @ 8 K/sec.

When I run the same test on the internal store, it takes 31.3  
seconds, or 3.1 K/sec.

So, anyone know of some way to figure out what's causing it, and/or  
how fix this little problem?

Where am I going? And why am I in this handbasket?

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