[NTLK] Slow Newt - any ideas?

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Fri Nov 27 11:01:07 EST 2009

On 23/11/09, Tony Kan wrote: 
>300k left on internal store = less than 10% free

Definitely a problem. Only time I've had a store act normal with less 
than 400 K free is if it's 2 MB card.

Closer to 500 K free is better. Larger the card/store the more free 
needed, but not that much above 400. My 20 MB card remained happy for 
years as long as I had at least 400 to 500 free and wasn't adding 
much to it.

I learned to free up space when things slow down.

When space gets really tight writes/saves will fail and one gets 
error messages about not enough space remaining on the store.

And trying to install a package that would reduce free space to 
around 400 or less is likely to fail.

I'm guessing (recalling?) the store needs some free space for 
read/write operations.

Some functions are more sensitive to tight memory, e.g, changes to 
outline notes are much more likely to go haywire than plain ones when 
little free memory remains.

Good luck!


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