[NTLK] Slow Newt - any ideas?

Andy Hill adhill at fastmail.co.uk
Sun Nov 22 17:25:00 EST 2009

Hi Brett,

I kind of agree with Tony. I have three suggestions:

1. Put away some of the non-vital data onto a card and take it out. You 
may be surprised at how much stuff you are carrying around that you 
really don't need on a day to day basis.

2. Remove preferences and soups associated with packages you have 
deleted or no longer use. There are two packages which are good at this:

'Remove it' and SAI Prefs Cleaner' - You may be surprised at how much 
rubbish you have lurking about. I find that I can retain optimal speed 
by doing a spring clean every now and then. Both are available on UNNA.

'RemoveIt' is available here:


And Prefs Cleaner is available here:


3. Personally I have noticed the biggest difference in speed after doing 
a brain wipe and this is perfectly OK provided you are totally 
methodical. I have lost some data in the past by not being careful 
enough but the results are totally worth it, in my opinion. No more 
waiting for things to happen.

Good luck.


Tony Kan wrote:
> Brett
> ....The only way to defrag is to back up and then do a brainwipe. 
> ..... Could be time to shift something to the flash card.  Combined with
> fragmentation this might explain it.
> Tony
> [snip]
> ....I've noticed a bit of a decline in the efficiency of my Newt 

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