[NTLK] TCP/IP Dock to Windows?

SteveCraft steve at craftsathome.net
Sat Nov 28 22:58:24 EST 2009


I'm looking for clues on using TCP/IP to dock with a Windows app. I have the
right packages on the '2100 but can't seem to find the right Win32 software
that has a TCP docking listener. Whatever I run, from NCU to iNewton, I
don't seem to have anything listening on port 3679 (the default that Newton
Dock seems to want to connect to). I know Ethernet is working fine on the
MessagePad because I can FTP to sites on my LAN and the internet. 


Using this for a search - http://marc.info/?l=newtontalk
&w=2&r=7&s=tcp%2Fip+dock&q=b (Newtontalk archive search) has not helped me
too much. 


Thanks for all help!



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