[NTLK] Newton Ethernet Connection

From: Valerio Paris Mitritsakis <valerio_at_mitritsakis.gr>
Date: Tue Sep 01 2009 - 08:23:51 EDT

Dear all,

as I have just started playing around with my MP2100 and an 3Com
3c589D ethernet interface I have several questions that have popped
up while connecting it to my home and work network.

1) I noticed that the ethernet connection goes up each time the Newton
(e.g. via the Courier Browser) tries to access some network resource
and promptly goes down as soon as it finishes fetching it. Is there a
way to have an always on connection for the duration of any given
(e.g. while using Courier)

2) I noticed that with my Alcatel/Thomson 4-port soho router my MP2100
has a roughly estimated 70% success rate of connecting to my MBP
through it via wired ethernet and opening a web page hosted on it, at
work I get 0% on our Cisco 2948G even when I set the port to 10mbps
speed (have not tried half duplex though), 0% on a cheap DES1005D 5-
port Dlink switch and 99% on a direct connection to my MBP.
Is there something wrong with my 3C589D or are these success rates

3) I have managed to connect the MP2100 via ethernet merely once
through NCX on my MBP (i tried several times in the order of tens) and
that one
time was via direct connection of the MP2100 to the MBP. Is this known
not to work well on Intel Macs?

4) I am considering getting a WiFi card, which one is the best? Will I
continue to be having these problems with the wireless card as well?

Is it difficult to learn to program on the Newton? What good books are
there for this?

Thank you all for your help,


Μητριτσάκης Βαλέριο Πάρις
IT Manager - C.A.C. Papantoniou Trading LTD
Ηλεκτρονικός Μηχανικός Τ.Ε.
MSc Network Systems
MCP ID: 5745185

Mitritsakis Valerio Paris
IT Manager - C.A.C. Papantoniou Trading LTD
Electronic Engineer
MSc Network Systems
MCP ID: 5745185

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