[NTLK] New Sony eReader PRS-600: Newton/Kindle Killer?

From: Ryan Vetter <physicalconstants_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Tue Sep 01 2009 - 01:13:28 EDT

Well, the title is flashy, I know it is more complicated in terms of what a user prefers, but the new Sony eReaders (PRS-600) look pretty good. No, they don't have handwriting recognition, but with the eInk display and touch screen, it is a pretty compelling product. You can scribble notes on books, double touch a word to have the meaning pop up, comes with a stylus, swipe the screen to switch pages, etc. And it is a big improvement over the PRS-700 because the screen is much improved (less blurry due to the absence of inscreen lighting with the extra screen layer).



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