Re: [NTLK] StandAlone Software Downloads Bad for Windows?

From: Don Zahniser <>
Date: Tue Sep 08 2009 - 10:50:43 EDT

On 9/8/09, SteveC wrote:

>Dennis, I didnt pay StandAlone for anyting yet. What their packages
>exactly *do* is not apparent on the site, so the only way I can know is
>to look at the pdf/txt (wherre they exist which is not in every .zip)
>and then install. My problem was not being able to install in the first
>place. Now my problem is installing everything on my "teeny"4mb card to
>see wha I can actually use.

To save others similar trouble:

StandAlone's 'original' pages for the various titles with descriptions
are still available, but the download links don't work. Here's a
starting point:


Here's a link to the download page:



 - Don

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