Re: [NTLK] what's your favorite button bar (OS 2.1)

From: Bob Carls Dudney <>
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 00:17:18 EDT

ButtonBar Plus

Don't recall why I chose it over other options a decade ago.

I have several different bars for different purposes.

Also use StartBar to launch what bar can't hold (along with an Extras
folder for misc. apps).

Mostly prefer the 1/2 height it allows compared to the stock bar.

(Wish it was easier to move icons around, especially the 1/4-size
ones in 1/2-size bars. -- big reason once I get a bar the way I like
it I just save it.)

Otherwise no complaints. (As I recall it's not compatible with some
buttonbar icon modifications by other vendors -- PowerNames?)


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