Re: [NTLK] No iNewton announced today

From: Dennis B. Swaney <>
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 09:42:38 EDT

M. Horvat wrote:
> As others have pointed out, it might be because the only people really wanting a tablet are those who are different. The days when Apple made hardware for different people are over; now they make hardware for teenage girls with an IQ of 85. *prepares to get flamed by Mac users* Well sorry, at least that's the situation at my location.

And Newton users AREN'T different? ;)

Obviously, you've never used an iPhone, Apple TV, not to mention a Mac
OS computer, either desktop (PowerMac, Mac Pro, iMac) or laptop
(PowerBook, MacBook Pro)

If I'd known that, I could have let you try out my iPhone 3GS in
Vancouver. :)

Dennis B. Swaney
Newton MP 2100
iPhone 3GS
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