Re: [NTLK] No iNewton announced today

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Mon Sep 14 2009 - 08:53:49 EDT

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From: Lord Groundhog
So although my mind tells me you're right, I'll keep wishing a bit longer.
Just because there's no Santa now doesn't mean I can't hope there will be
one in the future.

But I don't think I'll ever get over this image in my head of a fat drunken
father, dressed as Santa Claus, eating my breakfast and hollering at me, who
somehow turns out to be Steve Jobs in a weird suit ...

If this turns into a recurring nightmare, I'm sending you the bill for my
therapist. ;-)

LOL... well for the record my dad always gave great Christmases.

I just see everyone getting all wide eyed like children year after year. "Did I hear a rumor about a tablet computer?" "Did we see Steve Jobs using some new tablet device that they had removed from site when people noticed?"

And on and on it goes.

That is where the drunken father comes from. Someone who yells at the kids on Christmas morning that there is no Christmas. But our drunken father does not do that, I was wrong. This would be the father that is off with playing with other children but you. Or too wrapped up in a football game to give you any attention. Etc etc.

Doc Clu

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