Re: [NTLK] No iNewton announced today

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Sat Sep 12 2009 - 10:24:51 EDT

~~~ On 2009/09/10 20:13, Goodwin, Greg P. at wrote ~~~

> ...
> To me it is like the cruel reality of kids waking eagerly to Christmas waiting
> for Santa Claus only to have some drunk father say "Shuddup and go back to
> bed."
> But they believe in Santa. And every time they get told the same thing.
> ...
> ...
> But for now you are better off realizing that Apple is not some jolly Santa
> Claus to make our geek fantasies come true. Apple is just some fat guy who
> will eat your breakfast and send you back to bed empty and disappointed.

Wow Greg! That's quite a father-issue/Santa Claus-issue you're running. I
don't think I even want to wonder what you have to say about the Easter
Bunny. :-)

Seriously though, although OTOH I'm one of the hard-core wishers for Santa
Jobs to give me a spanking new iNewton, and Chilton says a lot that
resonates with me. I won't bother posting my usual "advertisement" for the
wonders of using a Newton over other form factors; everyone who cares
already has heard it.

OTOH I know what you're saying is what makes the most sense. Apple buried
the Newton and doesn't intend to dig it up again.

There. I said it. Apple doesn't love me anymore. They won my heart with
the Classic, won my wallet with the Pismo (four of them), and won my soul
with the Newton. But now, it/he/they are just after my money, and if they
can get it without giving me what I want, they'll still be just as happy.
I'm with James Fraser's comments about the difference between Apple
Computers and Apple Inc., on this point.

But Apple will always be wrong about this. Some things are such brilliant
ideas they deserve to exist, just ... Because. The Newton is one of those

So although my mind tells me you're right, I'll keep wishing a bit longer.
Just because there's no Santa now doesn't mean I can't hope there will be
one in the future.

But I don't think I'll ever get over this image in my head of a fat drunken
father, dressed as Santa Claus, eating my breakfast and hollering at me, who
somehow turns out to be Steve Jobs in a weird suit ...

If this turns into a recurring nightmare, I'm sending you the bill for my
therapist. ;-)


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łAny sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a Newton.˛
            -- what Arthur C. Clarke meant
(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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