Re: [NTLK] [OT?] Pismo-love [WAS: "Re: No iNewton announced today"]

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Mon Sep 14 2009 - 16:01:51 EDT


Lovely statement you made.

I had a Pismo once and admired the build quality in a big way. If it is
possible to have a love for a machine, it is certainly possible with a
Unfortunately I sold mine in the end because:

a) I found connecting to the Newt to be more difficult than with my
previous window 2000 machine. (ironic because I bought the Pismo to
enhance my Newtoning!)
b) I didn't like having to go back and forth between OSX and OS9
c) I preferred OS9 and would have been happy to stay with it but
couldn't find a reliable web browser.
d) I would have needed to buy another copy of Microsoft office which I
couldn't justify as I already had a windows copy.

Saying all that, it was indeed a thing of beauty.


Lord Groundhog wrote:
> I'd say the Newton is to the iPhone what the Pismo is to the MacBook.
> Shalom.
> Christian

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