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From: Chilton Webb <>
Date: Tue Sep 15 2009 - 00:56:58 EDT

Hi Joe!
On Monday, September 14, 2009, at 11:38PM, <> wrote:
>Actually I don't think conjure is very off topic for this list (poutine anyone?) especially considering its inspired by the Newton OS and tries to emulate some of its ideas and usability. I also wouldn't say your spamming the list as I clearly started the thread and asked the questions, and as far as I know we've never met/talked before so there's no conspiracy between us to spam the list either LOL. I actually remember reading/hearing about conjure a long while ago when I was still using 10.3 (I usually run 1 to 2 versions behind in os's lol) and I never knew its author was/is on the list, small world :)

It is a very small world. And it's getting smaller, thanks to the Internet.

There are so many things in the Newton OS that I would LOVE to do, and turning vector drawings into hard shapes is one of those. I just haven't gotten around to that yet, and I never was 100% happy with how the Newton did it. I think I didn't understand how it was supposed to work, exactly. But I still have my trusty MP2000, which I bought from one of the people on this list, as memory serves.

>I'm guessing the obj C 2.0 features you are referring to are fast iteration and dot syntax (for properties)? I've been going through (auditing) the Stanford iPhone programming course and those are the two new things in 2.0 that stand out to me. The last time I tried obj c/cocoa was in 10.2 with Project builder & IB before "core" anything features so some things have changed a bunch. I can honestly say I'm feeling comfortable with obj c and apples frameworks finally despite all the changes (I never felt comfortable with either on my first try with mac programming).

I tried the fast iteration thing, but to me, iterating over lists was never the slow part of my app. My slowdowns happen in that part where my brain tries to come up with something at 3AM, and I can't remember how to make some stupid thing work right, and I end up shaking my fist at the screen in a feeble, yet caffeine stoked manner. So I gave up on the fast iterations, because I could never remember how to exactly phrase the questions. And the same goes for that newfangled dot syntax all the Java folk like. I can't figure out where I'm supposed to put the dots, and where I can't put the dots. No, what I really use in Obj-C 2.0 is the @synthesize and @property things, where I can skip writing all that stupid redundant code all the time. But lately, I've started working on scripts to automate that for me, as I sometimes want to make sure that stuff gets done, and being able to walk through the code is definitely worth the extra 30 seconds needed to type all that stuff out.

So I'm slowly coming back to my pre-Leopard roots, with regard to the backwards compatibility of the app.

>Is there anyway to get conjure 2.4 still?
I'm looking for an older copy, but to be honest, the support from this list has me reconsidering the necessity of a Tiger compatible version. So I plan on taking on that task later this week. Tomorrow's launch of 4.1 will bring a number of Leopard and Snow Leopard features to the table, but they're all things I can easily tuck into their own part of the app, so that a version that works in 10.4 would be just as feasible.

>Just like other folks with their pismos I still use (and love) my late 2001 ibook G3 daily and would like to run conjure on that since I find it provides a happy medium between OSX and OS9. I have a couple 10.5 machines, PM G4 & hackintosh netbook, but both are single purpose machines (graphics/video and programming respectively) and in the case of the netbook it took a miracle to shoe horn 10.5 & iphone dev tools into the 16gb available (8gb SSD + 8gb SD card). Thanks
There's the only kicker there--the oldest machine I have that still works is a G5. I *think* I have a G3 that still works, but I need to find a new internal drive for it. I'm not sure if it has Tiger on it or not, though. So testing might be a bit of a chore.

But I do plan on reviving Conjure for Tiger in the very near future.


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