Re: [NTLK] Data Sync, how to get the most in and out of my Newt.

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat Sep 26 2009 - 12:00:11 EDT

Hi Joshua,

Great news to hear that you have acquired a Newton. Hope you get to
enjoy it as many on the list do and have done for many years.

In terms of your comments about excitement and frustration - this
unfortunately captures the whole Newton experience, particularly these
days. As I'm sure you will get to know, the Newton is extremely capable
on many many fronts but is very extremely limited in others.

On the syncing front, it's worth saying that this is a major frustration
for many current newton users to the extent that many just don't bother.
This includes me. Backing up to a fast-ish windows box is not doable, in
my experience. Some people on the list have good experiences by using
VirtualPC and installing windows 98 /95. Aparently the interconnection
with the Newton becomes trouble free using this technique. An
alternative is to keep a separate old computer and back up to that. I
have a very old laptop, 166 and everything works very well.

The best syncing I ever experienced was with Lotus Organiser which is in
the Windows folder of Unna. This works great, but not many people would
be happy to be using this today. It is an alternative back up though for
your key data - names and notes. But you'd probably want to be sycning
with Outlook.

If you were willing to pay about $45 you could have a look at this:

I wasn't successful with it, but others on the list have been happy with
it. The owner is very helpful and trustworthy.

I'm sure others may have different approaches to syncing.

All the best.


Joshua B Nass wrote:
> I just received my first Newton on Monday.....Backup, it fail......WEP 40...excited and frustrated

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