[NTLK] Data Sync, how to get the most in and out of my Newt.

From: Joshua B Nass <josh.nass_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 24 2009 - 13:24:38 EDT

I just received my first Newton on Monday. Since then I've been mostly
loading software and trying to make things just work. What I'm having the
biggest problem with is syncing data. Currently I am using Newton
Connection Utilities and LookOut! When using Newton Connection Utils I had
no problem and connecting and loading packages when I run a few instances of
SlowDown. However, when I attempt a Backup, it fails. Apperently on the
Newton side.
As far as Lookout goes, I *think* I'm able to sync all my non-email outlook
data, but when I get to the portion of the sync when the newton wants to put
away the data the task bar moves 1/4 complete and crashes. Its all very
odd. Also, no mater how I install the Lookout! Demo Hack the nagware notice
still pops up. I've tried it with and without the 22 calendar bump.

So here is my big question. What is the best method for syncing data to the
Newton? I initially thought Wireless, but being limited to WEP 40 kinda
freaks me out for my home network and just isn't an option for here at
work. So I'm thinking Bluetooth? Its sounds like a good idea, but what
level of software support for Syncing would I have? And finally, Is there a
way to sync all these cool Lists and GTD stuff I am doing on my Newt with my
work PC?

Sorry for the brain dump, I'm just a mixture of excited and frustrated and
figured this was the best place to turn.

Thanks everyone!

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