Re: [NTLK] -48204 error

From: Mike Rodgers <>
Date: Wed Sep 30 2009 - 22:12:13 EDT

I had seen info on paths so I carefully watched the Newton as it
rebooted. Finally I narrowed it down to Powernames. It was installed
on a card and evidently wanted to be internal. So now it is and I do
not get the error on booting. But I still get it elsewhere. I'm not
sure if there is another app that has to be internal vs. on a card. I
have MoreInfo, Unlimited Folders and ToDos, Dashboard w/ GLengine. I
may try out the BB that came with NewtCase to see if that resolves other
conflicts that I have between Dashboard and NewtCard.
I have about 360k available heap according to Dashboard and NewtTest.
Is there an easy way to determine what has to be loaded internally vs.
on a card? I try to put everything on a a card unless the documentation
tells me otherwise.

Woody Smith wrote:
> If you haven't already search the archives for the error
> see for example
> <>
> <>
> I had a corrupted note that gave me an error every time I reset my
> newt yet there was no perceptable issue. I found it when i
> transferred all notes to a card and resert. coincidence but I then
> found the culprit.
> Woody

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