[NTLK] OT: Mossberg gives thumbs up to iPad

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Probably the same who criticized  the MacBook Air for lack of several USB,
CD drive, etc.
Being a happy owner of the MBA, I can testify there is no need for all the
stuff carried on by "regular" laptops.
For instance, I got a wireless USB Hub (Belkin), which allows me to access
any USB device plugged into the hub. through the network.

Anyhow, webcam is an increasing market (supposed to reach $6.2 billion by
2013). I'm sure there will be some kind of accessory coming out soon for the

Regarding Mossberg's review, I think it's wrong to assess who is and who is
not a plausible user of the iPad. This product will define a new way of
using mobile devices; way beyond what the iPhone did. Take artists for
instance. Who could have bet art made on an iPhone would make it to the
cover of the New Yorker ?

Won't overtake notetaking on my Newton; though. Especially now that I'm
trying to go beyond simple notetaking (Wireless card changed perspectives
like there is no tomorrow).

> I noticed that too...
> Ill have a review posted with video tomorrow.
> I also find it interesting that so many reviewers crticize the iPad
> for not having a USB port or a video camera. Misunderstanding the
> purpose of the device. Its mobility... Throw out the cords. It's
> superfluous. And while a video camera would be nice when the iPad is
> stationary, it won't work well when you have it in your hands. Too
> shakey, video would be erratic. Apple knows this. If it really was a
> killer feature, they would have put it on there.
> And when you add these things, you increase weight and design
> complexity, and reduce battery life and increase costs. Personally,
> I'm glad they kept it simple and trimmed away this stuff.
> Ill post the review link tomorrow, with video.
> Thank you,
> Ryan

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