[NTLK] OT: Mossberg gives thumbs up to iPad

G Y gyounk at mac512.com
Sat Apr 3 21:10:23 EDT 2010

I agree with your statement Ryan. "Regarding Mossberg's review, I think it's wrong to assess who is and who is
not a plausible user of the iPad. This product will define a new way of
using mobile devices; way beyond what the iPhone did. "

With the apps more and more users will flock to the iPad because of the overwhelming useful of the product. At BestBuy today the demographics of people buying the iPad ranged from 20's to 80's, males and females. They all had different uses and were all happy. We had to activate some just so they could play with them on the drive home. (the passengers I hope). 

My MacBook Air server us perfectly fine and you cannot beat the weight!


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