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Mon Apr 5 10:14:42 EDT 2010

On 05/04/10 06:03PDT, Eric Jones wrote:
> I agree with your sentiments: I, too, have a reluctance to stick my neck and wallet out as an early adopter, and haven't (yet) bought an iPad.
> That said, I'm not really sure we can call this version 1.00, since virtually all the iPad technology is borrowed from the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new thing is the form factor, and a few software tweaks to make it work. With this, therefore, technologically it's a lot more like an incremental upgrade (iTouch 4th generation?) than an entirely new product. Apple's now got quite a bit of experience with these products, since their debut in 2007, and it's much easier to get everything right when it's just some upgrades (including form factor) than were they to roll out the technology for the first time. Even then, though, they did well. I have a 1st Generation iPod Touch which I bought after seeing a friend's and being blown away by it. It's a good device, and while not a Newton OS-wise, has no bugs or foibles. The only complaint I can register is the lack of internal speaker, and that has long since been rectified with subsequent generation devices, including the iPad.

And even the first "iTouch" was basically just an iPhone with the 
cellular connectivity-required hardware removed.

I've bought the following "1st gen" items:

Mazda Miata (still drive it today)
Mac LC (retired)
Mac Quadra 605 (given to my brother)
SuperMac C500 (retired)
iMac G4 (still in use)
iPhone (retired)

I didn't have problems with them, and so far the only problem with the 
iPad seems to be related to MY Internet connection at home.

Dennis B. Swaney

Newton MP 2100
iPhone 3GS

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