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> And even the first "iTouch" was basically just an iPhone with the
> cellular connectivity-required hardware removed.
> I've bought the following "1st gen" items:
> Mazda Miata (still drive it today)
> Mac LC (retired)
> Mac Quadra 605 (given to my brother)
> SuperMac C500 (retired)
> iMac G4 (still in use)
> iPhone (retired)
> I didn't have problems with them, and so far the only problem with the
> iPad seems to be related to MY Internet connection at home.

FWIW, another point of view is here:


Of course Apple isn't the only company with a less-than dazzling history
concerning 1st generation products.  It is -- or should be -- an unwritten
law that buying 1st gen products is a form of Russian roulette that doesn't
risk physically putting tiny fragments of your brain on a wall.  Even if you
pull the trigger two or three times and just hear a reassuring "click!", the
mathematics of it dictate that sooner or later you'll never hear anything

The good news with Apple (as far as my experiences have shown) is that
usually, their 1st generation products aren't actually bad; but when they
aren't dazzling, they can be badly disappointing.  And the bad taste in the
mouth left by seeing that v.2 of your prized v. 1 product has the features
you would have liked -- if only you would have waited.


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