Larry Yaeger lsynt3 at beanblossom.in.us
Mon Apr 5 11:42:32 EDT 2010

At 3:50 PM +0100 4/5/10, Lord Groundhog wrote:
>The good news with Apple (as far as my experiences have shown) is that
>usually, their 1st generation products aren't actually bad; but when they
>aren't dazzling, they can be badly disappointing.  And the bad taste in the
>mouth left by seeing that v.2 of your prized v. 1 product has the features
>you would have liked -- if only you would have waited.

High tech stuff usually gets better with each generation.  (Though there are tech products that get worse due as their producers try to reduce manufacturing costs, substituting cheaper components and construction materials, I don't think Apple's ever gone down that road.)  So there will almost always be something better in the future.  You have to weigh that "loss" against the "gain" of having immediate and longer use of the technology if you purchase early, and there's no one right answer, since it depends on both the actual and the individual's perceived degrees of loss and gain.

Personally, I tend to be an early adopter, though I'm entirely consistent.  I've sometimes let software go a couple of bug releases before jumping in.

- larryy

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