G Y gyounk at mac512.com
Mon Apr 5 20:29:04 EDT 2010

For me it is my Newton MessagePad replacement. Before you guys flame me, I love my 3 Newtons but have not really been able to effectively anymore use them how I want to. The iPad will give me what I want, so for me my Newtons are retired into my Macintosh Museum. 

My Macintosh Museum consists of 46 unique models (Mac and Next) my iPods(3), Newtons(3) are not factored in that count. No duplicates in any of those counts.

Why the V1.0 - I collect different form factors and V1.0 is an essential part of my collection (TAM, Color Classic, G4 Cube, Next Cube, Lisa/Mac XL, etc.)

I also do not have an iPhone so the iPad 3G will give me the mobile data access anywhere I crave, while my cheap crappy cell phone lets me talk to others.

Live the iPad Life at http://www.mac512.com/ipad/

 Forrest Buffenmyerwrote:
> SO...what can you tell me about v1.0?

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