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Tue Apr 6 03:07:13 EDT 2010

I dug up an interesting thread on MacNN from 2006.  A fake ad for a Newton successor.  It is called...

the iPad.  Interesting.

Here is the translation of what is a bogus ad:


]The digital life for on the go.
The next generation of the Newton: the iPad

The Mac in the pocket
We present: the breathtaking iPad. This next generation multimedia organiser has everything you need to manage your life, wherever you are. Based on OS X Panther and QuickTime, the iPad has revolutionary handwriting recognition and comes equipped with special versions of Address Book as well as iCal, Mail and Safari. It has a 6" screen, and measuring 10x10 centimetres at only 2 cm thickness, it's barely bigger than a wallet.

Stay connected
Connectivity is the soul of the iPad. With Airport Extreme (standard) you can establish an internet connection at any public hot spot, check your mail, surf the web, and furthermore (if you own an iSight webcam) conduct video conferences via iChat. It even comes with a modem for dial-up access.

Connect everything
Of course, an iPad contains the latest version of iSync. Synchronising contacts, e-mails and to-do lists with the Mac, the iPod and the iPhone is therefore child's play. And if the Mac is Bluetooth-capable, the iPad doesn't even need to be plugged in anymore. The iPad ships with games such as Chess and Breakout, and you can also listen to you favourite iTunes tracks via the headphone jack on the iPad's head. The Newton iPad. Redefining the PDA.

Link to ad:


Link to thread:


I believe Apple has had a copyright claim to iPad for several years now.

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On Monday, April 05, 2010, at 08:37PM, "Jim Lee" <jimlee at centurytel.net> wrote:
>On Apr 5, 2010, at 5:29 PM, G Y wrote:
>>  I love my 3 Newtons but have not really been able to effectively  
>> anymore use them how I want to.
>I'm curious - what has changed to make your Newton(s) ineffective?   
>I'm assuming that, at one time, they -were- effective for you?  BTW, I  
>feel the same way but, other than the 2010 glitch, I can't put my  
>finger on -why- I feel that way...
>> My Macintosh Museum consists of 46 unique models (Mac and Next) my  
>> iPods(3), Newtons(3) are not factored in that count. No duplicates  
>> in any of those counts.
>Very nice!  I'm also a collector - my collection is somewhere upwards  
>of 100 models, including Li

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